Senior Seminar Presentation

For my final presentation, I discussed 5 readings from the class and how they relate to five of my projects in the past two years. The first of which was ‘The Medium is the Message,’ about the ways in which the content of a work of art is less important than the medium it was made in. Continue reading

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Senior Seminar Work

For my project, I would create a program that tracks the number of individuals which pass by a camera. This number would then be used to trigger a warning on a nearby display. When many people have passed by the camera recently, the program would warn on-comers to ‘stay alert and be careful’, ultimately encouraging them to distrust the generally normal crowd around them.

This could be programmed very easily through any processing program that can register changes in color input from a camera. When someone passes by and the reading goes from bright, to dark, to bright again, that would count as one person. If this occurs more than twice within a minute, that would be significant enough to trigger the warning.

Through this system, I am using collected data (the number of people) and using it to make a statement on reality (to be careful.) In truth the data collected has no bearing on how safe the environment actually is, reflecting the way data can fail to represent reality. As a side effect of this system, the warning system would breed unnecessary distrust between people in the area, assuming it were taken seriously. Much like how avid data analysis can bring people to make untrue assumptions about each other in reality.

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Artists as Innovators

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Fred Wilson’s sculpture,¬†Globe, is simple and effective at communicating its message. It presents an everyday object in a new way that immediately brings up thoughts about the relationship between ‘the west’ and the rest of the world. It doesn’t do … Continue reading

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Radio Impulse


Alfred State College, 2018
By Aidan R Wilson

Made using:
Autodesk Maya
After Effects
Clip Studio Paint
Adobe Premiere Pro
Mixcraft 8

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‘Andy Roo’ VFX Test

This project was a way to get more experience working with VFX programs such as Nuke, while also exploring how to make a cg character appear physical in a natural scene. As an added challenge, I had the footage shot with a fairly shaky camera, and did not include any obvious markers for later motion tracking. Continue reading

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VFX/Animation Reel 2018


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Production 2: 3 Point Lighting Example


3-point lighting is the standard format for lighting scenes in film, video, and photography. It is based around three light sources with differing roles to produce the best overall result. Using just one of the three ‘points’ can be used for dramatic effect, but in most situations the 3 point system is the preferred method. Continue reading

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