Concept Streetcar Composite


Made using Maya 2018, Substance Painter, and Adobe Photoshop

This image was created as part of a group project, and I was responsible for modeling the exterior of the train, lighting the final model, rendering and compositing it into a photograph. Continue reading

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Interactive Goat Kiosk Documentation

Created using Max, Autodesk Maya, Arduino Leonardo, and Photoshop.


Originally displayed at the Rochester Science Museum on December 2-3, 2017, this kiosk teaches kids about goat behavior button interactions. Each button is linked to a specific animation that includes voice-over narration, explaining why the animated goat would preform these actions. Inside the box is an arduino all of the buttons are connected to. This arduino is programmed to register each of the button presses as a numerical value, while a Max program loaded onto the Max interprets these values as drivers for playing the animation files.


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Interactive Goats Pre-Production

Continue reading

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Interactive Exhibit Write-Up

The Rochester Museum and Science Center has an exhibition about lasers on the second floor, complete with multiple interactive and educational displays. These exhibitions include a string-less harp that measures the position of your hands to generate music, and a device that lets kids aim lasers at receivers to activate a radio. Continue reading

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Abstract Video Project

Video Project for Production 1 in which the prompt was to create an abstract short film. This focuses on the concept of mind-reading and how that effects the person who’s mind is being read.

Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro

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Goat Game Progress Check

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After the initial classroom review, I focused on designing a few symbols to represent the character’s actions in the game, as well as constructing a complete 2D rig in maya. The rig was built out of overlaying image planes that were subdivided enough to support weight painting. The leg controllers have built in IK chains, and the system is versatile enough that we can swap out aspects of the character to create different goats with the same rig.

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Aesthetic based video proposal

I’d like to record a short video loosely based on Jorie Graham’s poem, ‘I’m reading your mind.’ The poem focuses on the relationship between the omniscient, mind-reading narrator, and the person reading the poem. Continue reading

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