Foundations Journal # 1

Simon Sinek’s speech about conveying ‘why’ you do what you do as opposed to always stating ‘what’ was incredibly eye opening, as he effectively utilized historical examples and clear reasoning to make his argument. However, before listening to him speak I would not be able to answer the important question of ‘why’.

Explaining ‘what’ I want to do is easy, I would like to develop my artistic skills to attain a well-paying job in the animation industry. However that in itself shows no driving purpose, if the ‘why’ was to get a well-paying job, then why not become a doctor or a lawyer? Surely there had to be something deeper here that correlates with what it is that I believe?

Some soul searching followed suit, and for a long period of time I picked at my brain, hoping for a precise answer. Perhaps my mission statement is to achieve balance in both my personal and professional lives? No, that was too vague, and it’s a journey that everyone embarks upon, whereas my driving force ought to be something that is slightly less common. After plenty of deliberation, I came to the conclusion that I want to improve upon the world through art. Of course to make any tangible positive impact on the world is an incredibly elusive feat and one that is certainly more than I can hope to achieve. I surely won’t be known as a driving force for change in my lifetime, nor will I be remembered long after I’m gone, yet with this gargantuan task as my north star, I will wholeheartedly make an attempt, and that’s all I expect from myself.

I can reasonably expect my impact on the world to be mostly minor, but I can try to make little differences here or there. Perhaps I could animate a story that brings happiness to a child, or one makes people think about their own morality. Maybe there’s a chance that I could one day put the struggle of a non-profit to film, supporting the tangible good that volunteers do every day. To be able to say that I accomplished any of these tasks would mean more to me than anything else.

Now this is all a pipe dream, but it’s one that starts here. If I am ever to make any contribution to society, I will need skills that I do not currently have, and knowledge of which I am currently unaware. That is why it is so important that I make every effort to learn new abilities. And even before the time comes in which I can use art for good, the mission statement will still apply. With little acts of kindness here and there, I can only hope to justify my very existence. Journal 1 Wk 1

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