Point and Line Project

Metaphor Part A Metaphor Part B

                                                  Hemp, Beads, Wire, 2.5’x2′, 2015                                  Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Sketchbook, 2015

For this project, I crafted a scene that represents ‘thinking outside of the box’, illustrated with strands of hemp stretching outwards from a container. I really wanted to make use of lines to imply motion across the scene and that is why I included long stretches of hemp in both the photographed and the digital representations. Beads were added to add a more saturated color palette, as well to serve as points in space, which complemented the lines. At first, my goal was to have the photographed composition be hung by the hemp, but I quickly realized that the hemp was to weak for this to work. However, in the digital composition, this was now possible, and I could represent ‘the box’ as being heavy and weighing down creative expression. I did make a few edits to the photographed image in photoshop, including adjustments to the color balance, increased contrast around the letters to make them more legible, and the addition of an entirely new strand of hemp (the farthest strand to the right does not actually exist). Artist Statement 1

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