Foundations Map Project

Adobe Photoshop, 2015

For this project, I wanted to create a map that has a unique vibe to it, and rebels against the common standard that a map must be geographically perfect. In lieu of specific directions for travel, I opted for a more stylistic depiction of the town of Alfred that focuses on more on the places themselves than how to get there.

Balance in composition was completely tied to symmetry here due to the inclusion of Main-Street straight down the middle of Alfred. In order to maintain balance, Alfred State and Alfred University would have to carry equal amounts of visual weight. I included the town’s name along the left side of the scene for this purpose.

In this map, I spent a lot of time playing with font types to correlate with the locations for which they represent. All in all, I felt that the final result was a mixed bag, some fonts turned out nicely, such as ’10 Elm’ and ‘Alfred NY,’ while others were less successful, such as ‘Schole’s Library.’ Despite the fact that many fonts did not come out as well as I would have hoped, overall I am happy with the piece because to me it represents an exploratory, trial and error system of work.

Much like the self-portrait, I think the solution to improving my map is in taking the time to plan out the composition before I work on the final piece. My favorite fonts and designs were the ones in which I made an effort to draw on my sketchbook earlier, while my least favorites were the ones that I drew for the first time on the final map. Going forward, I will make a stronger effort to consider what it is that I want to create at an earlier stage.

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