Imaginary Landscape #3

QuixoticAdobe Photoshop, 2015

The word that inspired my landscape was ‘Quixotic’, meaning ‘to see the world not as it is, rather through a warped interpretation.’ This derives from the Spanish novel, ‘Don Quixote,’ in which an idealistic yet misguided old man names himself a night-errant, and sally’s forth to defeat evils that largely don’t exist. In the story, Quixote is portrayed as a hero, but I decided to turn this perspective on it’s head, considering the dangerous nature of making judgements without knowledge of the true situation at hand.

In the story, Quixote attacks (and is defeated by) a windmill, which the old man believes to me a monstrous giant. Here, I portrayed an idealistic leader much like Quixote, in the act of defeating a truly benign construction. The composition plays on the disparity between what is real and what is perceived by portraying an idyllic, painterly scene coupled next to a sobering, dark reality.

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