Spacial Translations with Shapes

     15×20, Canvas Board, Cardstock Paper, Matte Paper, Adobe Photoshop, 2015

For this storyboard, I made it with the goal of allowing the images that are abstract to interfere with those that are realistic. To do this, I led a strip of paper along the rows of photos. This encouraged a tight unity in the composition, in which all of the images have the strip of paper to relate them.

The photos were all taken from beneath the studio desks, and I was looking for areas with an interesting use of line and color. Once the photos were taken, I arranged them in a gradient in which the darkest compositions are on the left, and the lightest are on the right. In a way, this created symmetry in the storyboard, and encourages the eye to look horizontally as you would if you were reading a book.

The abstractions were placed on the outmost corners of the storyboard, and were designed to be more or less representational of the photographs. These were made in Adobe Photoshop, and I made sure to maintain a cool, unsaturated color-palette that would mesh easily with the overall composition. As for the photos themselves, they were taken in such a way as to imply ambiguity of scale. While they are representations of relatively small things, there is enough room to imagine them as depicting things that are very large.

The most exiting part of this project was the ability for me to play with the contrast between what is real and what is an abstraction. How we see the world is merely an abstraction of reality, considering how our brains break down the raw sensory data into simpler, understandable imagery. This fact was the driving force behind my composition, as I hoped to effectively exaggerate this phenomenon by bringing the inherently abstract into an average perspective of the world. Storyboard Writeup

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