Intro to Visual Communication – ‘Aperture’

Low Quality

Adobe Photoshop, 2015

To aid with the concept of viewing the outside world from within, this composition was organized with an aperture-like design. Rhythm exists within the repeated circular and triangular patterns, adding some implied energy. This piece does hold a few symmetrical elements as well, such as the brown forms on either side of the image, but for the most part it utilizes asymmetry instead. 

Considering the high number of overlapping shapes, I had to ensure that figures achieve closure. This is especially noticeable in the color bands in the bottom, underneath a thick line running horizontally. Multiple elements were placed so that they appear to continue outside of what is framed, giving the impression that they exist within a larger, more substantial chamber. Transparency serves as a metaphor in this piece for the veils of abstraction that our mind applies to raw visual data. This is most notable through the field of triangles covering the image, as well as the distant and desaturated background.

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