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Computer Animation – Glitch Art


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Visual Communication – Scale, Depth, and Motion

Photoshop, 2015 This is a design intended for printing on a t-shirt which emphasizes the use of scale change beyond what appears in the real world. It depicts the controlled nature of zoos and wildlife parks, in which the ‘wild’ nature … Continue reading

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Fosdick-Nelson Gallery – ‘Soft Core’

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The Fosdick-Nelson Gallery at Alfred University featured the works of many artists, including Erin Riley and Mark Newport. Erin’s compositions the gallery consisted of a series of cotton tapestries which depict the scene of a car wreck, and it’s impact … Continue reading

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Foundations Journal #8

                 In order to increase dimensionality in the composition, I lightened the value of the cloth towards the back of the chair which creates atmospheric perspective. The range of values between light and dark go beyond … Continue reading

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Cohen Gallery – Windows of Vulnerability

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Cohen The Cohen Gallery featured multiple exhibits concerning depictions of vulnerability from three artists, Lauren Gallaspy, Sara Parent-Ramos and Hollis Hammond. They were able to immortalize themes concerning weakness from within visual mediums including sculpture, ceramics and charcoal. These are … Continue reading

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Computer Animation 1 – Crown of Secrets Photomontage

Photoshop, 2015 This is a re-imagination of the original ‘Crown of Secrets’ design I made a week before. This time around, I decided to make the controlling figure a mixture of George Bush and Barack Obama, to represent how this … Continue reading

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Survey of Animation – Ray Harryhausen

Ray Harryhausen used Stop-Motion to effectively bring multiple monsters and mythical creatures to life. Through this medium, he could create believable characters that would otherwise look silly if done with live-action costumes, and out of place if done in traditional animation. … Continue reading

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