Linear Day



Watercolor paper, Sharpie Markers, 24×6, 2015

Lines serve the crucial role of both displaying rapid motion with long, diagonal strokes, as well as providing much of the value in this scene. Hatching occurs along the waterfall in the fourth panel while texture notably exists in both the wooden branches on the left, and all of the vegetation. These textures are very useful for drawing the eye into the image, and the flowing contours within the branch help to guide the viewer’s gaze towards the right. Because of this, a level of movement exists that sweeps in a horizontal manner. 

A degree of unity appeared when multiple instances of plant and wood textures were drawn on both sides of the composition. In a way, these textures take the role that a color palette would have in a chromatic project. By repeating complimentary textures around the image, harmony is created. Harmony is also encouraged through the inclusion of strong symmetry, in which similar elements (roads, waterfalls, ect.) are paired on opposite sides of the composition. This serves the narrative of a day-trip, and makes balance easily achievable as well.

There is a high amount of negative space surrounding both sides of the composition, which gives a light, atmospheric impression to the form. The front and back covers make use of intense shape and contrast, which if I had used together successfully, could have created a bold visual statement. In the future, I intend on considering multiple designs before diving into a final product, since the one I have presented fails to convey the concept of an incomplete memory becoming whole again.

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