Survey of Animation Project #2 – Abstraction (We Overcame the Wind)

At first, my concept for this animation involved tearing a sheet of paper to the tune of Christopher Tin’s ‘We Overcame the Wind.’ However, after running a 30-frame test up front, I realized that doing so caused the paper to shift frequently, creating motion that was very difficult to follow. Instead, I opted to draw on the paper with a charcoal pencil, leaving a black line wherever I originally intended to cut. 

The motion of my lines was inspired by the flowing, flaming strokes in Oerd van Cuijlenborg’s ‘8.1,’ visible in his film at the 1:15 mark, as well as at 2:38. These lines seem to dance to the music, swaying up with the high notes, and down to the low notes. At some points, the speed in which these lines travel depends upon the volume of the song as well. Another one of his films, ‘Jazzimation,’ also utilized these lines, which routinely come in and out of existence. I do admire how the motion is much more free-flowing here, and less concerned about matching the beat perfectly. The piece also includes some symmetry, particularly around the 1:47 mark, which is a quality that I used to a great extent.

Adam Beckett’s ‘Heavy Light’ was used as inspiration for the manner in which my animation would match the music. In ‘Heavy Light,’ tormented forms appear at the beginning of a sound, and gradually slow as the noise comes to a close. All of my strokes begin and end in a similar fashion to Beckett’s, while in between they veer around aimlessly, much like the organic blobs in another one of his films, ‘Sausage City.’

I feel as though the upward lines that appear between the 5th and 7th seconds had the strongest motion in my animation. This is because they hit the sound of the vocals at the right moments, and display the uplifting nature of the segment. I am very glad that I decided to visualize this part with multiple strokes, because it gives contrast to the winding, long-winded nature of the line that would appear between the 10th and 14th seconds.

Oerd van Cuijlenborg-



Adam Beckett-

‘Heavy Light’

‘Sausage City’

Abstract animation

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