Typology Morphology

The Typology Morphology exhibit at Alfred University housed multiple pieces of Modern Art, some of which with exceptionally bold visual imagery. Works such as Sandra Perry’s ‘Gaze Bitch, Gaze’ instantly drew the viewer’s attention for better or for worse, while Pamela Joseph’s ‘Hundred Headless Women’ exists beyond the boundaries of what is generally considered to be healthy


Similarly, Xu Bing’s ‘A Case Study of Transference’ unabashedly depicts pig sex, however in doing so it leaves more commentary on humans than swine. The pair are imprinted with seemingly random writings, with one pig in English, and another in Chinese. This represents the careless and ungraceful manner in which Western culture left it’s mark in the Eastern world. The piece is in grayscale with a pitch dark background in order to draw attention to only what is important in the composition. No time is wasted considering an odd cloud formation or the manner in which two shades of green contrast. The pattern of the text on the pigs seeks attention, while the pair also achieve balance.


Another piece which deals with the relationship between the East and the West is Huang Yan’s ‘Painted Currency.’ This series depicts American dollars and coins overlayed with traditional Chinese paintings of landscapes and wildlife. The manner in which the paintings cover the faces of presidents suggests on some level a victory over American ideals. The space around the area that is painted provides perspective over what is being communicated. The painted area itself would be an example of emphasis in which a detail that is generally unexpected finds itself taking center stage on a familiar object. The color of the painted landscape is different than the dollar’s natural green, which encourages it’s emphasis.

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