Visual Communication – Scale, Depth, and Motion


Photoshop, 2015

This is a design intended for printing on a t-shirt which emphasizes the use of scale change beyond what appears in the real world. It depicts the controlled nature of zoos and wildlife parks, in which the ‘wild’ nature of animals is nowhere to be found, even though they are under constant display. The human conception of what they expect to see, embodied by the text ‘Come See the Animals’, is much larger than the tame reality. 

The design makes use of a few of the Gestalt Principles including closure which can be found in the incomplete but implied eyeglass-lens shape over the resized eye. Closure also appears in the miniaturized animals, since their heads and bodies are only partially visible, but we can assume the rest of the form. The eye itself can be considered as an anomaly when considering it in comparison to the much smaller eye right next to it, as well as our perception of how large an eye should be proportionally to the head. Furthermore, the rectangular bar at the bottom of the composition implies the principle of continuation so that the eye can be led towards the much smaller animals on the side.

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2 Responses to Visual Communication – Scale, Depth, and Motion

  1. Adrian! How did you write this?


  2. For the internets: Adrian can’t actually write with his toes! He’s a fraud!


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