Visual Communications – Grid as a Matrix


My grid consists of a series of circles ordered in a slightly offset column pattern. These are over-layed with much larger circular shells which are divided into many dozen slices. Since this pattern is a field that covers the entire composition, balance is of no worry, and can easily be achieved. However, in order to break up this field slightly, a few of the grid’s circles were removed. The design of the circular shells adds emphasis on specific points of the image, in the center of these shapes.

This painting made use of intensity changes, in which alternating slices of the circular-shells transition from orange to it’s compliment, blue. Blue and orange colors are frequently used, and each instance of orange in the circles is a slightly different shade. Because of this, every slice receives a completely different palette of colors. Similarly, every background circle has it’s own shade of black, and their darkness separate them from the foreground. By painting large areas of a bright yellow, the silhouette of the circular shells becomes very clear.

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