Computer Animation 1 – 5 7 5 Glitch Project


My aim for this project was to represent glitch as a force through which wild and unexpectedly new things are created, as opposed to the general consensus that it is purely an accident or undesirable. To do so, I depicted a digital clock which displays a glitch occurring within time itself. This glitch does warp the nature of reality for a while, but in the end we are left with bizarre new times to explore, such as 5:75 (being the prompt of the assignment.) The glitch ends by collecting as both a figurative form in the digital clock, as well as a time which would never otherwise exist if everything carried on as expected.

To create this, I photoshopped 2 images for each of the 3 times which would have to be displayed, one image where the blue lights are shown, and one where they are hidden. All of the glitch art was made using Audacity, where I could cut, paste and apply effects to the raw image data. The ‘adjust tempo’ effect was particularly helpful in allowing me to stretch and squash the image in certain parts. By manipulating the data which controls the black bar horizontally in Audacity’s timeline, I was able to influence the vertical motion in the final product. 60 individual glitched images were then sequenced inside of photoshop, and exported as a Gif.

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