Foundations Final – Phenakistoscope

Matte Board, Ink, 2015

For this Phenakistoscope, I depicted a man curled together as he spins rapidly over a pit that is repeatedly opening and closing. This is a representation of how frantic social constructs feel to me. Often it feels like I’m spinning, constantly vying for acceptance, with the notion that if I were to stop, destruction is the only thing which awaits.

My favorite part of this Phenakistoscope is the way I drew the pit. By allowing the individual frames to connect in a circle, a large, intricate shape appears. It is interesting to me to look at this shape while the disk is not moving, and think about it as the opening and closing animation with all of it’s time laid before you. That leads me to wonder how all animations would look when presented like this, or even how reality would appear when stretched to the point in which all of time is as visible as space.

After working on this composition, I learned the value of having a clean, clear design without excessive details. I now know that to many lines make an animation hard to read, creating a blurry mess. As well, I understand that by shading in certain areas of the character, a silhouette appears.


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