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Figure and Motion – Journal #2

For my caricature, I mostly decided to exaggerate my hair, my cheekbones, my chin and my neck. At first, my concepts were drawn very cartoony, but once I made a move towards realism the drawings looked a lot more like … Continue reading

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3D Design – Modular Design Concept

This is a conceptual drawing for an origami robot named ‘Eb’, short for ‘Electronic Brain.’ It’s purpose is to serve as a functioning artificial intelligence. However, the very idea of artificial intelligence is fiction, and the basis of it’s ‘thought’ … Continue reading

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Journal F/M #1

1/27/16 This semester, I would really like to improve upon my understanding of human anatomy. Oftentimes, I will find myself drawing a figure only to find~……… That !! I am making up the muscles on the spot. I would really … Continue reading

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Winter 2015/16 Animations

  Over this past winter break, I made an effort towards learning the basics of Autodesk Maya. I focused mainly on animation, utilizing Zubuyer Kaolin’s ‘Buckid’ rig, (, and Ramtin Ahmadi’s ‘MooM’ rig, ( The audio for the ‘MooM’ animation is taken … Continue reading

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