Journal F/M #1


This semester, I would really like to improve upon my understanding of human anatomy. Oftentimes, I will find myself drawing a figure only to find~……… That !! I am making up the muscles on the spot. I would really be interested in knowing where the muscles are, what they do, and how to represent them in a drawing. This would make a significant impact on how I draw arms and legs in particular. Similar to how we will be focusing on studies of the human skeleton, I’d like to study the underlying musculature. At the moment, my understanding of the subject is very minimal, and I can only make guess work at these organic structures.

Beyond this, I would also like to draw something every day. It sounds pretty simple, but I feel like forcing myself to do this would do wonders for my general drafting capabilities. In the past, especially while working on major cg projects, I could go for several days without drawing, and I would always feel pretty bad when it went too long.

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