Figure and Motion – Journal #2

For my caricature, I mostly decided to exaggerate my hair, my cheekbones, my chin and my neck. At first, my concepts were drawn very cartoony, but once I made a move towards realism the drawings looked a lot more like myself.

Another project was to draw another classmate without lifting your marker from the page, and without ever looking at your drawing. Because of this, our blind-contours appeared more surreal than anything else. After this, I took a thin aluminum wire, and followed the path of the contour drawing, creating a duplicate.

After reading 2 chapters of Scott Mc Claren’s ‘Understanding Comics,’ I started to think about exactly how we define the borders between mediums. The line between comics and animation is only a matter of how it is presented, as one only has to take the frames from an animation apart and spread them apart in space for it to become a comic. The way we separate between one thing and another can be even more vague, and oftentimes without strict barriers between media, their classification simply becomes up to personal opinion. What is it about a Rock tune that stops it from being considered as Country? Not much really, and truthfully if you think of it as belonging to one genre or another, it’s hard to say you are definitively wrong.

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