Intro to 3D Design – Origami Robot ‘AI’


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My robot represents mankind’s aim to build an artificial intelligence robot. Unfortunately, so far we have only been able to create programs that are so complex, they give the illusion of consciousness. However in reality the goal of artificial intelligence is still the stuff of science fiction.

‘AI’ robots of today serve as more of a facade than anything else. On the surface they appear to operate with direction and thoughtfulness, but on the inside they are limited to the code that they function through. There is no free will here, and the robot lacks the ability to think in any truly meaningful fashion.

The origami robot presented is exactly that, a facade. The outward appearance portrays something that does not exist within. He is wired to simple metals that lack intelligence, and is only moved by the exact same forces which command rocks and stones. The very idea of what he stands for is a lie, and an attempt to pass such programs as true artificial intelligence is misleading.

This composition makes heavy use of modular design, considering it can be divided into it’s separate parts very easily, and those individual structures can be used for separate purposes. The wires can be used to charge electronics, the pencil for writing ect. Emphasis is placed on the robot’s head by presenting it with a much larger proportion than anything else in the scene. The colored papers move outward in a manner that screams ‘look at me, I can think!’, aligning with it’s purpose to show off it’s outward intelligent appearance, while ignoring it’s inner shortcomings.

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