Figure and Motion – Final Silhouettes

Dia de los Muertos

Adobe Photoshop, 2016

Aidan, Nadia, Megan – In nearly all instances, the Day of the Dead is a festive one in which family members long past can return and be remembered. However, when you are responsible for those deaths, this day becomes much less joyful and the yearly ritual of facing her victims becomes almost too much to bare.

This composition brings contrast to it’s most extreme, portraying black and white with absolutely no shades in between. This adds drama to the scene and gives it a feeling very similar to a storybook. The forms exist within the positive space, leaving a large negative space where the eye has room to breathe. Balance is found by splitting the scene between the vertical woman on the left, and the more horizontal figures on the right.

holyderp final no faries

Adobe Photoshop, 2016

Aidan, Nadia, Kasey – The image of a supposedly great leader’s legacy is constructed from a fervent mix of conflict and undying devotion. The leader’s pose suggests greatness and glory, however the interior silhouettes contradict this idea and propose the existence of turmoil that was created due to the actions in his time. This runs contrary to the general notion that the leader knows what is best or is unquestionable, since a wise leader would prepare their nation for their eventual passing, in order to avoid a massive grab for power in their wake.

Here, some of the interior silhouettes effect the space of the exterior one, for example the praying woman standing between the leader’s feet. This adds to the effect that the leader is constructed from the conflict. Just as the other silhouette does, it also makes use of contract for a similar dramatic effect.

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