Canon Project- Mayan

In the distant future, humanity is suffering from many conflicts and multiple intergalactic troubles. The situation has become so dire and the threat of extinction is so near, that a collection of scientists have decided to create a God in the image of humanity in order to save them. This project has grown exponentially in scale, to the point where they are essentially designing a living planet, of which they hope to imbue with the abilities to be all knowing, all good, and all powerful. Ngaio is a cultural expert, who’s task is to teach this developing God about human society. She is an expert on human history and psychology, and is extremely optimistic concerning the outcome of this project.

Just like all the other members of her society, Ngaio was subject to slight genetic engineering during creation, but these alterations focused mainly on improving athletics such as speed or climbing abilities. Multiple characteristics of Ngaio’s design is referenced from Mayan beauty standards. She is quite thin and has a slightly sloping forehead, (a quality of which the Mayans would go to great lengths to attain.) She is 5 ft 9 and 135 pounds. Her hair is jet black and worn so that it does not pass her neck.

The people of her culture are very fond of asymmetric markings painted in blue, which cover large areas of the face. Ngaio’s markings cover her left side, and include three blue dots over her brow. The Mayans paid little attention to fashion, so Ngaio’s suit follows a more sci-fi path. It is purple and grey with yellow lines that follow the major veins of the circulatory system. The use of human anatomy as a design element is common in her culture, as all aspects of their biology are highly prized.

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