Figure and Motion – Ngaio Canon

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 12.45.18 AM.png

Adobe Photoshop, 3560

Ngaio is a member of an advanced intergalactic civilization, notable for it’s practice of utilizing the human form as a design element. Yellow tubes are included within the fabric of her suit which aid in carrying oxygen through the circulatory system. This feature, coupled with slight genetic modifications, endows upon the people of her culture a raised level of endurance and strength. Ngaio has asymmetric blue markings on her face which reference patterns from the ancient Mayans. She stands at 5’9″tall (6 .5 heads tall excluding her hair.) Her shoulders are 1.5 heads wide, her legs are 3 heads long, and her torso is 2.33333 oo heads high. That is the horizontal8.

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