Figure and Motion – Creation Comic


Adobe Photoshop, Bristol Board, 2016

This comic chronicles the events shortly after the creation of the world as according to the Maasai tribe of central Africa. With so much material to run through, I chose to represent the story through a ‘scene to scene’ sequence, which allowed me to skip between major events. A sense of time is created by the narrative structure, as well as the vast visual differences between frames. In the center of the page, I merged the two panels into one as a nod to traditional Maasai paintings in which one painting contains multiple events within itself. This tribe often utilizes a color palette of saturated reds, a trait which influenced how I represented the color of the sky and the earth.

Figure and Motion was an important class for me as an artist, for example, I find that I am more often referencing real life when designing art pieces. Now with everything I create, I try to gather source material to try and better understand exactly what it is that I am making. Here, the tree roots are based on actual fig trees, the costumes are representative of the Maasai people, and these are details I would have likely ignored in the past.

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