Figure and Motion – Self Portrait

Charcoal on Watercolor Paper, 22″ x 30″, 2016

My goal for this portrait was to not only represent my physical face, but to also convey my interest in slightly unsettling biological manipulations. The portrait does not grimace or turn away from the multitude of hands reaching from the darkness, in fact it seems to more or less accept this occurrence as normal. In this way, this is not so much a portrait of myself as a person, rather it is a portrait of my taste in art.

There is a lot of contrast here, which helps when developing forms, making them explicitly clear. As well, it gave me an opportunity to add some mystery to the piece, since the darkness conceals exactly what the hands are connected to, as well as where we are.

The hands are organized harmoniously around the head, compacting the piece into a fairly symmetrical shape. There are no outlying elements to expand the space, everything exists solely in the center. The reason for this is because the portrait is intended to be so representative of my tastes, I compressed it to the point where it almost resembles a stamp or a logo.

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