Interactive Design – ‘Drawing a Line from There to Here’ Gallery

On Monday May 1st I visited a MFA thesis exhibition at Alfred University titled ‘Drawing a Line from There to Here,’ displaying work by artist Meagan Daus. The gallery consisted of a series of sculptures and 3-dimensional artworks with an emphasis on the direction of lines through a space. Drawing a Line from There to Here also aims to replicate organic forms and processes through the use of geometric designs.

One such work of art was ‘Weaving My Path‘, a meandering multimedia sculpture that weaves it’s way through the gallery space. It is constructed of wooden beams and poles that loosely support hanging strips of cloth. Weaving my Path is not oriented in a straight line, and it’s weak curve gives the impression that this is a creature that is lazily supported by many legs.20170501_114240.jpg

Weaving My Path

Another work of art by Meagan Daus was ‘Mental Mindscape,‘ built of several types of wood including Pine, Cherry, Ash, Oak and Hemlock. It’s loose grid structure serves as a metaphorical bridge for a mind at work transforming that which is abstract into a more concrete form. The sculpture alternates between directional and diagonal lines, leading the viewer through a visual flow across the ground. Unlike Weaving my PathMental Mindscape is limited to the floor and does not enter the third dimension.

Mental Mindscape

Although nearly all of the work I make technically exists in two dimensions, there are still lessons to be learned from this sculpture exhibition. One of the main draws of sculpture is the sense of presence and physicality to the artwork, and by designing websites that present the illusion of depth, some of that dimensionality can be transferred to my work. This gallery also shows how important lines are for directing attention, and the usefulness of lines can easily apply to my work as well.

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