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Motion Graphics – Kinetic Typography Final

Here I used Kinetic Typography to illustrate a scene from ‘Apocalypse Now’ in which Bill Kilgore gets lost in a speech that seems to find glory in the horrors of war. Advertisements

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Mr. Wilson’s Miracle Rotating Fan

For this video project I chose to represent ‘Noise and Silence’ in fairly absurdist terms. Getty image’s list of upcoming visual trends felt like misguided culture control, and because of that I felt it was appropriate to lampoon it. My … Continue reading

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Motion Graphics Check-in

For my Kinetic Typography project, I am going to be using audio from a scene in ‘Apocalypse Now,’ in which Bill Kilgore says, “You know one time we had a hill bombed, for 12 hours. When it was all over … Continue reading

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Production 2 Glitch Exercise

Utilizing adobe after effects, we were tasked with creating a ‘glitch’ within a sample video. This process involved adding turbulence effects to a sequence in the program.

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Concept Streetcar Composite

Made using Maya 2018, Substance Painter, and Adobe Photoshop This image was created as part of a group project, and I was responsible for modeling the exterior of the train, lighting the final model, rendering and compositing it into a … Continue reading

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Interactive Goat Kiosk Documentation

Created using Max, Autodesk Maya, Arduino Leonardo, and Photoshop.   Originally displayed at the Rochester Science Museum on December 2-3, 2017, this kiosk teaches kids about goat behavior button interactions. Each button is linked to a specific animation that includes … Continue reading

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Interactive Goats Pre-Production

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