Modeling/Texturing Chess Piece

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Production Projects



For my next project I’d like to make a documentary where I interview professors, asking them about how they got where they are now and about interesting moments in their lives.

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Game Jam Write Up

During this semester’s game jam we designed a videogame in 48 hours, with the prompt being ‘Urban Legends.’ Our team focused on the legend of the Jersey Devil, and my contributions focused on the design and construction of our monster. This includes concept art, modeling, rigging and animation.

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Game Interaction Write-Up

By far the game I’ve invested the most time into has been Civilization 5. Although my computer’s directional buttons are useful for navigating the map, effectively all my interaction with the game is done through a laptop trackpad. The game provides keyboard shortcuts as well, but since it is a turn-based system without time restraints, I opt for the slower yet more relaxed trackpad every time. Moving a unit in the in game world requires three clicks; once to select the unit, twice to specify the ‘move tool’ in the bottom left of the screen, and a third time to choose an area on the map for the character to move to. Continue reading

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Spring 2017 Setting Renders

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 11.59.49 PMfinal

Set and environment design for a short film I’m in the process of developing, about an overbearing scientist who realizes he can manipulate mysterious creatures to his will. Both settings will undergo a second detail overhaul, adjusting lighting, materials, and the overall quality of assets. Made using Autodesk Maya 2017 and the Arnold render engine.

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Interactive Design – ‘Drawing a Line from There to Here’ Gallery

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On Monday May 1st I visited a MFA thesis exhibition at Alfred University titled ‘Drawing a Line from There to Here,’ displaying work by artist Meagan Daus. The gallery consisted of a series of sculptures and 3-dimensional artworks with an emphasis … Continue reading

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Advanced Animation Self Critique

Over the course of this semester I’ve mainly improved in two ways. I’ve gotten much better at working in groups after tackling a group animation recently, and I’ve also gotten much more aware of how to make quality motion. The second project of the semester in which we had to emphasize acting and facial emotion in a shot really helped me with understanding subtlety and emphasis.  Continue reading

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